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Great Piece

Once the meat was considered a rarity on the table every day, where unique dishes prevailed as poor as legume soups, but today the meat is tasted more often, you need creative ideas to vary the repertoire of seconds based on this ingredient. Delicious and fragrant, the Great piece will give a great satisfaction to you and your guests who will not be able to resist this delicious dish.

Fried Brain with Artichokes

When we talk about fried brain, there are no half measures: we love it or we hate it. If you are part of those who appreciate it, and have experienced a period of drama when it was forbidden to sell it, here you will find the great Florentine tradition!

Florentine trippa

We have already seen how in Tuscany there is a great passion for entrails, offal and less noble - but no less tasty - parts of the animals: chicken or rabbit liver croutons, spleen croutons, fegatelli cooked with network, the buristo, the paracore, the lampredotto of Florence and the tripe! Here you will find one of the tastiest recipes of the Florentine tradition: the Florentine tripe.

Cingiale at the Maremmana

The wild boar cacciatore is a second rustic and tasty dish ideal in winter, a recipe very common in Central Italy, especially in Tuscany and, specifically in Maremma.

This recipe will be appreciated both by those who love strong flavors and those who have never eaten wild boar meat: the preparation of this dish will make it tasty and tasty for everyone, even more if accompanied by a glass of red wine

Tuscan ribollita

Ribollita is a dish that derives from the typical soup of stale bread and vegetables that is traditionally prepared in some areas of Tuscany, in particular in the Piana di Pisa, in the area of ​​Florence and Arezzo. It is a typical "poor" dish of peasant origin, whose name derives from the fact that once the peasants cooked a lot of it (especially on Fridays, being a low-fat dish) and then "reboiled" in the pan in the following days, from here which takes the name of ribollita, because the real soup is heated twice, otherwise it would be a trivial soup of bread and vegetables (not to be confused with the soup of bread)

Pappa al Pomodoro

"Pappa al pomodoro" is a typical soup of Tuscan gastronomy. A tasty and genuine dish based on simple ingredients. Prepared with stale Tuscan bread (not salted), tomato, garlic and basil. A dish of peasant origin that has become famous thanks to a scene described in the Diario by Gian Burrasca (written by the Florentine writer Vamba) who was clamoring for the "pappa al pomodoro", celebrated a few years later by Rita Pavone with the song " Long live the tomato soup "