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In the modern world of globalization it is important to follow all the rules in force by not losing sight of their traditions and culture that is why the Trattoria Baldini unequivocally continues its consistent path (from 25 years) of its customs in respect of compatibility and sustainability of our territory.

Attention to details

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Attention to details

All waste is disposed of according to the latest laws All goods have traceability The cleaning company uses eco-friendly products We have always used tablecloths because it is in good taste but also for wasting less paper (and cutting fewer trees) All our staff is qualified and performs rutin checks every year

Kitchen and Society

But also ... in the social sphere We have been collaborating with the vocational training center for years because we believe in our work but above all in young people We collaborate with the foemina foundation and other associations such as "literary moraine", a literary review sponsored by the municipality of Florence and the Tuscany region.

Relationship with the territory

We could not miss our terrra .... The relationship with the territory is very close and we want to enhance it through the glasses of local wine that we propose For some time we have been sensitizing also to the selection of wines from organic farming When available we have the Chianina meat of a young breeder of the area Agricultural estate San Martino di Figline Valdarno certified PGI.

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